MBO at Blusource Recruitment

Blusource Recruitment in the press following a Director led MBO!

Here is the article:

Established recruitment firm Blusource has been bought by three directors in a management buyout.

Directors Greg Emmerson, Bjorn Jones and Dan Rogers have bought the Nottingham-headquartered business from Andrew Springhall, who set up the company in 2008.

Blusource specialises in accountancy and finance, HR and professional office recruitment.

Emmerson said: “Having all been part owners and Partners in our respective businesses for some time, the moment was right for us to look at the next stage of investment and development for Blusource.

“The pandemic allowed us to reflect and communicate as a management group on what our clients and staff will need from us, going forward and we were keen to take full control in order to make the changes and investments required.”

The new management team says it plans to create new jobs at Blusource.

“Our immediate plans are focused on hiring new people into each team during Spring 2021, adding resources in an increasingly busy market and allowing us to support our clients at all levels, as they seek the best quality staff during the recovery,” Emmerson added.

“We enjoy deep relationships with our customers, forged in many cases for over 20 years, so want to ensure we have the right team in place to assist job seekers and employers in accountancy, finance and HR. Our current office in central Nottingham will allow for that growth and blended home and office working has allowed us to remain very responsive to our customers and will continue to do so.”

Emmerson said that demand from employers is high right now in most accountancy firms and many commercial businesses are seeing strong growth, meaning the need for high quality staff and management hires is crucial to them.

He added: “We have seen some job seeker hesitancy, due to lockdown, but foresee more people considering their career during the Spring and benefiting from a strong, underlying jobs market in our core specialisms. The pandemic has created further need for the services of accountancy firms and some of our commercial clients are also well placed to see real growth during 2021.”

Springhall said: “The Blusource story for me dates back to late 2008 and was my first business investment after selling Power On. Never having owned a recruitment company before and the financial crash were testing times but after putting a good team in place we soon started to make a name for ourselves across the East and West Midlands.

“Roll the clock forward 12 years, with the brand and market share even stronger, it seemed the right time to pass the reins on to the management team for them to fully own it and develop the business even further.

“I’m wishing Bjorn, Greg and Dan the best of success taking Blusource onto its next chapter.”


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