My relationship with Blusource traces back to 2010 both as a candidate, and as a customer. I felt from the beginning it was not just a recruitment relationship, but a business relationship. Time has proven so through access to the business networks they also have which I have benefitted from both in all aspects of my career.   When I have been in the market looking for people, Blusource have always placed quality over quantity. I do get a transparent assessment too which aids in taking the pressure in finding the best candidates in a competitive market.   Sincerely I do like working with them, and without a doubt I will continue to use them.

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Introducing Blusource

A Fresh Approach To People

Blusource provides a range of recruitment solutions to the professional services sector as well as businesses ranging from SME’s to FTSE top 100 organisations.

Our specialities include sourcing Office, HR, Accounting and Finance Professionals, whilst our Executive brand can help you source the next leaders for your business.

We use the most up to date attraction methods and technology but also believe strongly in the power of connecting people.

Blusource has a highly experienced group of recruitment professionals who have spent many years building relationships within their chosen sector.  We are able to offer job seekers access to
a wide selection of choice employers and clients the best and hardest to find talent available.

We are supporters and attendees of regular networking events and consider ourselves established members of the business community.

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Five Tips for Your Next Executive Recruitment Process


By adding high-calibre executives to your organisation, you can transform and re-energise your business. If you are looking to add top executive talent to your business, here are Blusource Recruitment’s top tips for finding the right fit.


Know what you are looking for

Before you even begin looking for new senior level staff, you need to evaluate your organisation and its needs to ensure you are looking for a candidate with the appropriate skills and capabilities. This involves assessing what the position looks like today and considering what will be required of this role in the coming years. This process also gives you the opportunity to make the role what you want it to be and not just about filling a vacancy left by a former employee.


Develop a candidate profile in line with your organisation’s vision

Once you have a clear picture of what duties you want your new hire to carry out, you need to develop a candidate profile that brings together the personality traits, experience, and skills you desire of a candidate that also reflects your company’s vision. As well as listing desirable qualifications for your preferred candidate, you also need to consider which soft skills you require your new senior leadership to have.


It’s also critical you consider the culture of your organisation and which values or behaviours your ideal candidate will have that fit in with your company’s ethos. To do this, you should communicate your organisation’s philosophy and long-term goals during the executive search process to attract the right candidates.


Search for candidates

While advertising a senior position on job boards may bring in great candidates, you do not want to limit your efforts to those actively searching for their next role. Many talented executives are already employed elsewhere and by enlisting the help of a recruiter who can conduct a recruitment process to engage passive candidates, you can gain access to talent who may not even be looking for their next opportunity yet.


Offer candidates more than compensation

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, top executives are in high demand. To ensure your organisation is at the top of your ideal candidate’s list, you need to offer candidates more than competitive compensation. Job seekers now seek lifestyle benefits, share options, flexible working arrangements, opportunities for growth, and to work for a company that aligns with their values.


Find top talent with Blusource Executive

Recruiting for senior positions can be time-consuming and complicated — that’s where Blusource Recruitment’s executive division, Blusource Executive, comes in!

We can attract high-calibre individuals to help take your business to the next level. We work in partnership with you to fully understand your organisation's needs and goals and provide a nationwide search and selection service. Our experienced consultants draw on their extensive networks to bring you highly recommended candidates. Whether you are looking for a permanent hire or a short-term injection of high-level skills, we can help. Get in contact here.


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