If you’re thinking about progressing your career within Human Resources, you will need to be clued up on the various terms within HR, and yes there are many, so keep up!

Proactive and Reactive HR… two key elements within a strategic HR role. They are particularly crucial in maintaining the efficiency of a small business and employee engagement.

Proactive HR focuses on the planning around the recruitment life cycle, from selecting employees to engaging and managing them within the business. Having a proactive approach means you will create tailored plans for recruiting employees that will be in line with the company’s expectations and fit with the business’ long-term goals. You will also look at compensation programs where you will focus on pay both competitively and ensuring people are paid fairly. You may ask ‘How else can I be proactive?’ To answer this, motivate the employees! Develop approaches which will upskill your employees and in turn enhance their performance.

Reactive HR, slightly different, but smaller businesses will need your help with issues that arise with employees. If there is a complaint you will think about how you can resolve any potential problems that challenge motivation or even pay. Make sure you have a reactive model in place to manage each crisis to avoid a fall in productivity levels within your work force.  Don’t forget to be up to date on employment law – policies and procedures! You will need to use these to respond to employee crises.

Good start, that’s two more terms under your belt, if you are looking for HR opportunities, get in touch with the Blusource HR team via email [email protected] or call on 07850 708 181.