Two terms that you’ll often hear in HR are operational management and strategic management. Why? Because these are two key factors that will help drive a business’ aims and goals forward. 

Are you looking to progress your career within HR? If you’re thinking about taking those necessary steps to move forward within HR perhaps it would be worth providing a breakdown of what those terms mean.

What is Operational?

Operational HR focuses on short-term goals and the day to day operations to maintain the workforce. This is primarily implemented through maintaining and adhering to employment laws. Compliance is achieved through maintaining files, following regulations and resolving any complaints. Operational management also focuses on the recruitment of employees from job listing; posting on job boards; organising interviews; background checks and forecasting staffing needs over a certain period of months.  It also includes the management of the employee health benefits, compensation issues and reviews. You will also focus on employee rewards and provide employee training.

What is Strategic?

Strategic HR will aim to work towards the long-term goals of a business. This is analysing and developing the staffing needs and succession planning. A Strategic professional will implement policies and procedures, establish the company culture and create an Employee handbook. You will also focus on absence, performance and talent management and create a plan derived from such evaluations of the employee’s performance. It will be important to identify and assess the workforce skills and abilities and how they can be upskilled to align with the company’s long – term goals.  Essentially, strategic management should provide solutions regarding employee – related matters that affect the business’ ability to maintain efficiency in performance.

Both operational and strategic elements of HR work hand in hand and are crucial in ensuring the workforce is running effectively which, on a wider scale, contributes to the progression and growing success of the business and ability to achieve its goals on a long -term basis.

There are so many aspects to consider regarding career progression! Having read up on both HR elements, do you know which route you would like to take?  Or are you looking for an all-encompassing role with both strategic and operational opportunities?

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