Since meeting with Blusource in the summer of last year, Blusource has now filled 4 positions within our business, including that of our Finance Director. Whilst a few challenges arose in the recruitment processes as can be expected when hiring people, Bjorn and Blusource acted quickly and professionally to ensure we had the outcomes we were looking for. I would readily recommend Blusource to any company looking for a recruitment business partner

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A Fresh Approach To People

Blusource provides a range of recruitment solutions to the professional services sector as well as businesses ranging from SME’s to FTSE top 100 organisations.

Our specialities include sourcing Office, HR, Accounting and Finance Professionals, whilst our Executive brand can help you source the next leaders for your business.

We use the most up to date attraction methods and technology but also believe strongly in the power of connecting people.

Blusource has a highly experienced group of recruitment professionals who have spent many years building relationships within their chosen sector.  We are able to offer job seekers access to
a wide selection of choice employers and clients the best and hardest to find talent available.

We are supporters and attendees of regular networking events and consider ourselves established members of the business community.

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FD Roundtable with Bank of England Update


Blusource and Actons co-hosted another interesting Bank of England update with Rosie Smith and a virtual roundtable discussion with Finance Directors and business owners across a variety of sectors.  These included Manufacturing; Software; Pharmaceutical; construction; hospitality; commercial finance; services and FMCG.

Some of the points brought up or discussed included:

  • How consumer spending has bounced back quickly
  • Lower inflation due to cheaper oil prices, making petrol and diesel cheaper and how the Eat Out to Help Out scheme has meant lower meal prices, which also had a noticeable impact.
  • How the UK furlough scheme has been much more successful and useful to businesses with sites across Europe than those schemes offered by some other European countries.
  • Unemployment and the potential mismatch of skills for those now seeking work, to the needs businesses have going forwards, but also how companies have now become more effecient and productive since March
  • The potential effects of a second wave of COVID and different scenarios around Brexit

A few comments have backed up other things I have seen elsewhere which indicates there could be an increase in the use of part time employement for businesses over the next 6-12 months to save costs but also to phase back growth as we go through a recovery.

Across all of this there has been a realisation that everything is changing and can change at such a rapid rate.  The forecasts shown in the 3 graphs are based on not having a second wave and also based on a trade deal being agreed for Brexit, so this could all change.

If you are a Finance Director or business owner and would like to hear about and be involved in future events and virtual roundtables like this one, drop me a note on [email protected]

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